Meet Our Team

We have an outstanding team with a variety of perspectives and experience to serve you. We have 10 moderators, 2 project managers with experience in recruiting and managing respondents, 5 video people, and a group of trusted resources to supplement our team. Everyone has been selected not just for skills but for personality and the way they work . In fact, our contract spells out the way Our work ranges from in-house videos that become viral to international studies on how position software, construction materials and even glass packaging.

While we all have much longer resumes, it seems best to give you the kind of introduction we’d give if we were meeting you face to face. So here goes.

Here are a few key members of our team.

Lori Hamilton


Lori Hamilton has worked as a marketing strategist, researcher, and creative consultant and has created innovative solutions for over 100 companies including Fortune 500 retail, healthcare, financial and technology corporations. She’s unearthed brand and product differentiation to use as a competitive advantage to develop strategy, product development, creative direction, and positioning for companies like IBM (Global Services, SCM, EDS, Business Intelligence), Planters LifeSavers, Rubbermaid, Deloitte Consulting, Herman Miller, USG, James River Paper, Wachovia Bank, Cox Communications, Cingular, Georgia Pacific, Jerzees/Russell Athletic, Chase Manhattan Bank, Yankelovich Partners, Microsoft, Carter’s Children’s wear, The Atlanta Olympics, Novartis, Pfizer and the National Peanut Board.

Lori holds a B.A. in Linguistics from UCLA and has won more than 18 regional, national and international awards for creative work, marketing effectiveness and direct marketing programs, including five Best of Shows and a Clio. She also uses her Juilliard and other professional theatrical training to create unique workshops that immediately create connections between people and generate hundreds of ideas in a matter of hours. Firms such as Microsoft, USG, Georgia Pacific and Rubbermaid have implemented key new product ideas and communications breakthroughs from her creative work sessions.

Lori speaks three languages semi-fluently, can do 32+ accents, and knows how to caramelize sugar with a blow torch. And, if you ask nicely, she’ll make her face look like a pez dispenser.

Linda Travis

A Fuqua Scholar of Duke University’s top-ranked MBA program, Linda brings over 25 years of consumer insight and practical marketing experience as a researcher, strategist and brand consultant. Linda combines a strong creative side (award-winning photography, compelling copywriting) with a passion for excellence and attention to detail in strategy. As a Vice President in marketing at Wachovia, Linda led the Marketing Research & Consulting function for seven years and went on to Norrell Corporation to head up Marketing Information. She has been on both the client side and the consulting side of marketing, working on such brands as Kimberly-Clark, Newell Rubbermaid, Wachovia and ConAgra.

Julia Strohm

Julia is a veteran researcher who has worked as both a client and with brands such as Johnson Controls, Conde Nast, CBS Evening News, International Monetary Fund, UnitedHealth Group, Qwest Communications, American Museum of Natural History, Sears and Jones New York. Her warm personality and business savvy means that she cultivates an openness with respondents – whether it’s women talking about intimate issues or tough nuts to crack on the b2B side. We’ve seen respondents hug her after groups saying how nice it was to meet her. And we’ve heard hard-nosed CFOs tell her the “real story” about how decisions are made. A seasoned filmmaker herself, one of Julia’s best qualities is her ability to see the through line, the story-behind-the-story of what people are saying.

Vivian Hernandez

Vivian began her marketing and research career in Caracas, Venezuela, where she worked for major international companies in marketing management positions (Colgate-Palmolive, Bristol Myers, Chesebrough Ponds) and Research Director at Publicidad Siboney. Trained in product development and brand management in both the US and South America, her client experience includes Colgate-Palmolive, Chesebrough Ponds and Bristol Myers, Inc. (where she managing the Clairol brand). With over 25 years experience across more than 60 major brands (b2B, pharma, consumer), Vivian is the kind of moderator that respondents hug and thank after groups. Vivian not only changes her accent but also her colloquialisms to match that of the respondents – a rare skill indeed. In recent groups, she coached a creative team who had inadvertently used a Mexican voice over artist in an ad targeting Cuban Americans.

Sandra Bauman , Ph.D

Dr. Bauman has over 20 years experience in research and strategy.
Having started her career as a journalist, she brings that same attention to detail and boots-on-the-ground observations to work ranging from major quantitative studies to intimate one-on-one interviews. Her work has been so vital to companies such as Bayer, Samsung, Miele, Finlandia, Alberto-Culver, Filippo Berio, Atlantic Health, Stryker and The Hartford. Although she’s a wiz with numbers (Ph.D. in communications research from Northwestern), her warm personality opens up respondents in ways that make her focus group and ethnographic work truly outstanding. As an example, she is the person who noted that with cancer patients the biggest issue isn’t pain, it’s fatigue. Sandra is RIVA-trained moderator, a Collaborative Strategy Development/Group Systems facilitator and holds the “Expert” level certification from the Marketing Research Association.  She is also an award-winning business woman, author, frequent conference speaker and member of several professional groups.