What Makes Us So Special?

Our research and how we approach it. We ensure that the way the research is done and the way it’s presented is as engaging as the work that comes from it.

Not bad, eh?

Other research companies talk about “storytelling,” we “create an experience.” A marketing team should feel like they’ve been in their customer’s world in a deep and interesting way—a kitchen-table or water-cooler discussion, not just boardroom or living room dialogue. Think of our approach as a hyperlink to an experience whether it’s via a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, filmmaking and/or facilitated sessions. We create a way for customers to connect with our clients and the wonderful things they do, as our clients “live” the lives of their customers and prospects.  Lori has also been a guest lecturer at Columbia University on marketing research and strategy.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Using non-traditional research—such as Ethnography, Ecosystems and Video Diaries—along with traditional methods—focus groups, quantitative, etc.—we find the pieces of your story you didn’t even know existed. We break through the Blackberry clutter by creating passion for strategy. Our partner firm, Earl & Grace Films, produces internal viral videos, webisodes, TV series and short-films for our clients to up the ante on strategic findings and get closer to customers. The goal? To make the presentation of results as compelling as the work that comes from it.

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How we treat each other and our clients:

  • Being like Zappos for fun and profit… Our team got together and talked about how we work with each other, and what has made us so successful in working with our clients.  It’s a statement of our values and how we work best.  We’d love from you!  Check out a more detailed document about how we work.

Specific techniques we often employ include:

  • Multi-media ethnography… blending traditional qualitative work, such as groups or in-depth interviews, with ethnographies or user-created video diaries to get a 360degree view of the customer’s world.
  • Video diaries… using telephone and video diaries to get a perspective on customer journeys with a particular issue (can be done internationally as well).
  • He said/she said… employing telephone and respondent-shot video for a perspective of what people expect to see or hear within the sales/installation process from the customer’s perspective, as well as the sales team or internal clients.
  • Co-creating panels… taking a group of people who agree to work with us over a period of time (six months to a year) and getting their perspectives and ideas as positioning, materials and interfaces are developed. This can also be used in facilitated work sessions.
  • Friends/family groups… having influential customers bring their friends/families for a focus group in their homes to discover how our ideas work in a real-world social context.

Who Makes Us So Special

Lori Hamilton, President

Lori Hamilton has worked as a marketing strategist, researcher, and creative consultant and has created innovative solutions for over 100 companies including Fortune 500 retail, healthcare, financial and technology corporations. She’s unearthed brand and product differentiation to use as a competitive advantage to develop strategy, product development, creative direction, and positioning for companies like IBM (Global Services, SCM, EDS, Business Intelligence), Planters LifeSavers, Rubbermaid, Deloitte Consulting, Herman Miller, USG, James River Paper, Wachovia Bank, Cox Communications, Cingular, Georgia Pacific, Jerzees/Russell Athletic, Chase Manhattan Bank, Yankelovich Partners, Microsoft, Carter’s Children’s wear, The Atlanta Olympics, Novartis, Pfizer and the National Peanut Board.

Lori holds a B.A. in Linguistics from UCLA and has won more than 18 regional, national and international awards for creative work, marketing effectiveness and direct marketing programs, including five Best of Shows and a Clio. She also uses her Juilliard and other professional theatrical training to create unique workshops that immediately create connections between people and generate hundreds of ideas in a matter of hours. Firms such as Microsoft, USG, Georgia Pacific and Rubbermaid have implemented key new product ideas and communications breakthroughs from her creative work sessions.

Lori speaks three languages semi-fluently, can do 32+ accents, and knows how to caramelize sugar with a blow torch. And, if you ask nicely, she’ll make her face look like a pez dispenser.


A Ph.D, a textile major with an MBA, a director of consumer insights and a filmmaker/strategist walk into a room, what do you get? Part of the Prosperity Productions team.  With 10 moderators, all of whom have 20+ years experience, including work on the client side, we can cover just about any base.  From a master’s degree on how organizations thrive in the new world, to first-class filmmakers who are crossed-trained in marketing, our team’s goals is to serve you.  In addition to our moderators, we have 2 recruiting managers (including a former director of recruiting from Murray Hill), a project management expert and 5 people on our core video production team.  All of them have signed the “how we work” document, which our team created.  It talks about how we work with our clients and each other.  Our goal is to be the Zappos of market research.


Now it’s time to meet our team!