Exactly How We Do It

How we treat each other and our clients:

  • Being like Zappos for fun and profit… Our team got together and talked about how we work with each other, and what has made us so successful in working with our clients. It’s a statement of our values and how we work best. We’d love from you! Check out a more detailed document about how we work.

Meet our team.

Specific techniques we often employ include:

Qualitative research (in-person interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, expert interviews)… We focus on real-world results, using traditional and emerging qualitative approaches to gain deeper insight into target audiences, whether they’re consumer, B2B, analysts, or a combination. Our pioneering techniques make even traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews richer, deeper, and invaluable in creating strategic insights, uncovering unmet needs, and understanding the dynamics of decision making and creative testing.

Quantitative research (data studies, online studies, quantitative research and analysis, mall/store intercepts, customer satisfaction studies)… We understand how to get the best analysis possible, whether we’re talking with B2B audiences, consumers, analysts, or a combination—English-speaking or otherwise. By blending the very best recruiting with super-accurate data and quick results, then mixing it with innovative approaches to regression analysis and other sophisticated techniques, we identify insights in segmentation, pricing, cluster analysis, and other unique patterns with tracking, market opportunities, and next-steps for ongoing programs.

Ethnographic research (in-person, at home, at work, at work-site, shopping studies, video diaries, online focus groups/interviews)… We’re one of the few U.S. companies that does ethnographic research and we’ve been successful at it for over 25 years. Because of our distinctive background in research, marketing, and documentary film techniques, we deliver unique, paradigm-changing insights with both depth and speed. Click here for detail information on Ethnographic research.

International studies (quantitative and qualitative work in the UK, EU, China, Asia, India, and Latin America)…We know the best way to do interviews in China and how to get credibility with B2B respondents in Europe. We have international experience, expertise, and—most importantly—local connections to ensure projects come off without a hitch. We get interviews done with respondents ranging from rural consumers through top-level business executives and everything in between, from telephone interviews to in-person groups and interviews even large-scale quantitative studies if necessary.

Hispanic marketing and research (qualitative and quantitative studies done with all aspects of the Hispanic community: Mexican, Caribbean, and Central and South American consumers and B2B in both Spanish and English)… We recognize the Hispanic market isn’t uniform. Language differences, cultural differences, social mores and various degrees of acculturation impact how Hispanic consumers and business people react. We understand both the dynamics of Hispanic marketing and how to fold that into a general market plan, developing the perfect “decoder-ring” to create ways to translate general marketing strategies into profitable marketing programs for the Hispanic market in question.

Ecosystem research (talking with all members of a decision-making group, such as business decision-makers, architects, homeowners, retailers, fabricators, etc.)… We know how to find out how decisions are really made within an organization, industry, or network of influential consumers and provide insight that can only come from understanding every aspect of the decision-making ecosystem. Results are often surprising, creating a richer, deeper understanding of how products, services, behaviors, and actions happen in the real world.

National panels (setting up national panels of key influencers to contact throughout the year about market needs, testing new products, promotions, etc.)… We recognize the ongoing need to find ways to tap into audiences on a regular basis and have national panels of consumers and B2B contacts recruited for long-term involvement. Our panels enable us to use a variety of techniques from online studies to phone interviews and video diaries to gain quick, in-depth insight from respondents.

Filmmaking… We bring research findings to life either through edited video of the research itself or short YouTube-type videos that can express the findings to internal and external audiences. Our distinctive background in research, marketing, anthropology, documentary-filmmaking and feature-filmmaking allows us to capture the messy truth in the field, and then turn it into compelling visuals. We can also provide production-only services, including editing, after-effects, voiceover, and animation.