What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

“Extremely creative, sound judgment, complex project planning and execution was exceptional… Very highly recommended without any reservation.”
—Robert Benhabib, Senior Vice President, AMI-Partners; and Management Consulting Consultant.

“Lori is enterprising, talented, panglossian, steadfast, and astute. I would not hesitate to recommend her because she brings added value.”
—Dean Crutchfield, Senior Vice President, Wolff Olins.

“Lori and her team run a terrific service. Have used them several times in past five years+. Qualitative research as well done as it gets. Always a plus in supporting general thinking and needs of the project beyond the simple scope of the assignment. Excellent partner to have, recommend strongly.”
—Steve Reynolds, Executive Vice President, AMI-Partners.

“Lori thinks of everything, and then some. Her talents for crafting a project brief and research guide—and then delivering a robust program and stellar insights are very, very strong. I’d hire her again, hands down.”
—Thom Kennon, Vice President Strategy, Emerging Channels, Wunderman.

“Lori is an irrepressible idea generator. She’s also an astute, creative, and intuitive strategist with a remarkable ability to uncover provocative insights that challenge conventional thinking and generate tangible, measurable results. Working with Lori is a delight, and I recommend her highly to anyone who’s looking for fresh thinking and bold solutions.”
—Peter Allen, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Siegel & Gale.

“Lori and I have worked together providing qualitative research services for mutual clients. She is an excellent and extremely personable research consultant.”
—Ricardo Lopez, President, Hispanic Research Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working as a coach with Lori over the past few years and she is an amazing, multi-talented, creative comic actress, writer and singer. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of creativity for their project or company.”
—Jeff Justice, Head Laugh Master, Jeff Justice’s Comedy Workshoppe.

“Lori was brought in to do a creative problem-solving workshop with a cross-funtional team at Accenture. She worked with us before the session to understand the challenges and environment the team(s) worked within and then delivered a dynamic and fun workshop that included brainstorming techniques and effective team problem-solving. Almost 8 years later I still recall and successfully use some of those techniques. She was entirely professional and valid without sacrificing creativity. I’d hire her again and again.”
—Erica (Mueller) Fletcher, Group Manager, HR-Americas, Avanade.

“Lori has a deep knowledge of the complexities of the market-scape. She is truly dedicated to providing the best information to her clients, big and small. From inspirational training videos to funny online things or guerilla marketing tactics, she’s your best bet. It’s a pleasure working with such an intelligent, organized and insightful person like Lori.”
—Tod Wohlfarth, Owner, rockpaperpixel.

“Lori is a marketing professional with a rare combination of outstanding skills. Not only is she a focused, highly skilled and experienced top-level marketing professional, but she is also extremely creative and fun to be with. On top of all of this, she is also very knowledgeable about the Hispanic market. If you work with her, strap-up for a fun and profitable ride—you will just want to do it again!”
—Vivian Hernandez, Owner/Consultant, Qualitative Research, Inc.

“An original doesn’t conform to our expectations she changes them forever—this is the essence of Lori and what she can bring to voice of the consumer research through her special methodology and personal creativity. If you are really looking to build your brand from the consumer’s perspective then Lori’s insights are sure to put you on the right track!”
—Joy Fourneir, Consultant, Dynamic Balance Brand Strategy

“Time and time again, Lori and her team have proved to be invaluable partners, with creative solutions to challenging research problems. Lori understands the complex marketing challenges we are trying to solve on behalf of our clients, and she is able to uncover important insights that lead to winning in-market results.”
—Allison Knapp Womack Managing Director, Doremus NY

“Lori is amazing to work with. She’s smart, proactive, insightful, professional, and great with clients. She’s got a creative mind with the business skills to deliver results.”
—Sam Schoenfield, Management Supervisor, DDB New York

“Lori was recommended to us by another vendor. We needed someone to lead a high-profile branding makeover for our franchise, and our best case scenario was that no matter what we decided to do maybe 90% of our 400+ worldwide franchisees would accept the changes. Thanks to Lori’s in-depth customer research and creative recommendations the project was a huge success, with only one location choosing not to embrace the new designs. I highly recommend Lori’s team for their unique combination of business market accumen and creativity—attributes that are very rarely found together!”
—Chip Reaves, CEO, Computer Troubleshooters USA, Inc.

“Lori has an energy about her that is highly kinetic and clients love working with her for that. Her keen insight and marketing savvy, combined with her wit and candor make her a most coveted asset. She is a natural-born researcher with a quick and curious mind. I strongly recommend Lori as a partner.”
—Liz Walsh, Account Director, The Bantam Group

“Lori’s energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand is contagious. While mortgages are not sexy, Lori had a knack for getting focus group participants involved and engaged. Her work ethic is solid, and Lori goes out of her way to deliver on her promise.”
—Theresa Freas, Director of Marketing, HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation

“Lori played an instrumental role in helping Foresight Corporation with its rebranding when I served as the company’s Director of Marketing. She conducted research that provided a launching point for understanding how customers perceived the company’s value, and helped us develop a marketing plan to position the company authentically. Her work was thorough and targeted, and the results were phenomenal. It was the first time we’d asked customers to spend time talking with a third party, so it was a risk, but one that paid off tenfold.”
—Elizabeth Scoville, Director of Marketing, Foresight Corporation

“Anyone can moderate. But it is the rare moderator that adds value. Not a researcher. But someone with broad business and marketing experience that can translate information into insight, into actionable ideas and plans. And this what Lori has done for The Gate multiple times, in multiple categories for multiple Gate clients.”
—Beau Fraser, Managing Director, The Gate Worldwide

“Enthusiastic and intellectually curious, Lori brings a fresh perspective to every project. Keen thoughtfulness guides her research methodology and informs her insightful reports. Lori is always a pleasure to work with and her energy is infectious!”
—Shahnaz Shroff, Manager/Account Supervisor, BBDO New York

“Lori’s work is fueled by a rare elixir of curiosity, intellect and gifted interpretation. She wondrously adds both professional and personal interest and value to all she does.”
—Michael Keeshan, Managing Director, MagiKbox

“Several years ago, I went to a focus group where the attendees were impatient and even unruly. I thought, “This is going to be a long day.” And then Lori walked in. As the facilitator of the focus group sessions, she simultaneously engaged, managed, queried, cajoled, and led each group to give thoughtful and valuable feedback. I thought, who is this woman who singlehandedly saved the day? Long story short, I soon hired Lori for another client engagement and continue to consider her a valued, creative, and smart resource. If I want consumer insights, I call Lori. She brings so much to the table that I’d be crazy to work without her.”
—Alberta Jarane, Co-Managing Director, VSA Partners

“A live wire, a ray of sunshine and smart as a button!”
—Samantha Wilson, Managing Director, Wolff Olins

“We hired Lori to host an industry event: her talent and professionalism was incredible and, along with our client, we were very pleased and impressed with her delivery. Would certainly hire her again for the right role!”
—Rebecca Maas, Account Supervisor, Peppercorn

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lori when we collaborated on a new business pitch. Her research and insights were so valuable and really added dimension to our strategic direction. Since our working together, I am pleased that our friendship has grown with our my sincere admiration for her work ethic, enthusiasm, and insightful contributions to the final strategic product.”
—Lydia Canizares, President, Business Development, Euro RSCG Life

“Lori has an exceptional knack of devising processes for uncovering all those hidden needs that most traditional forms of research, say, are never going tell you about real customer wants and preferences. She’s the insider’s inside track, able to uncover real benchmarks of differentiation.”
—Mike Emery, CEO, Brand Central

“Lori Hamilton worked with us to produce a major annual awards show program in New York City for the advertising industry. It’s really a high-profile event and we needed to breathe new life into it. Lori was very creative and thoughtful during the script development phase. Also, she was wonderful with accepting input from the client side and adapting accordingly. On top of that, she was the star of the show… our Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening. And it was a memorable one! She is a true professional and terrific to work with. I heartily recommend her. She is very talented.”
—Richard Boale, Vice President, Director of Events, Advertising Research Foundation

“I wasn’t even aware of the vast array of services Lori’s company offered when we hired her to manage a market research effort largely due to the stellar feedback we received from her past associates. I was impressed by all of our subsequent conversations whether related to the development of the research effort itself or just general industry matters. Lori’s entrepreneurial spirit allows her to function as more than just a number cruncher, but as a business partner able to quickly identify the challenges, offer smart insights and then provide innovative solutions. I truly hope that someone else will now read my compliments of her performance and hire her just as we did. They’ll be most pleased for sure.”
—Joshua Arcus, Account Supervisor, DDB New York

“Lori is an absolute gem. Personally, one of the finest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Smart, intelligent, witty, understanding, caring, driven and committed. A non-stop “think tank”, a creative leader and a fearless implementer, Lori is the kind of person you want in your business all the time.”
—Mark Kronenberg, Marketing and Advertising Consultant

“Lori is a force of nature, a secret weapon for any marketer in need of strong and reliable research. Any type of research, whether is qualitative, quantitative, ethnography, etc., you name it. But what Lori and her team really master is something even more difficult. They can process and pack the research findings in the most accessible and illustrative ways. Whether is a deck with quotes and brief video clips, or full videos that capture perfectly those pearls of information and real insights that is what we all are looking for in research. I have worked with Lori both at Wunderman and at Cheil USA and it always have been a complete pleasure and the smoothest of process. And I know that we will work again. And again.”
—Fernando Iglesias-Garcia, Global Strategist, JWT

“Lori is a high-energy, creative thinker. She is a pleasure to work with and brings unique, out-of-the-box thinking and solutions to her clients. Lori has a deep understanding of marketing and consumer motivation, which truly sets her apart.”
—Matt Kasindorf, Regional Account Director, OMD

“I worked with Lori on a recent industry event where she and her team provided emcee and scripting support for the event. Lori was always full of energy, managed roadblocks well and professionally, and is uber creative in her approach. the final product was a huge success and mapped perfectly back to our client’s needs. Lori was able to find ways to make tight schedules and shifting focus work well. Lori was also always available, on time and on message; making the event was a great success.”
—Maggie O’Neill, Senior Director, Peppercom

“Lori is an excellent communicator. She is VERY organized, and knows how to do market analysis very efficiently. She is excellent at positioning of products and companies.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Prosperity Productions Inc. clearly understood the goals and objectives of the company, which enable them to produce the kind of results that was shared throughout the organization. Prosperity Productions managed up as well as down. Strong communication skills, and strong strategic background. I highly recommend this company.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Prosperity Productions performed exceptionally well in the area of follow-up. Once the workshop was done, Lori delivered thorough notes; summaries and suggestions, which helped my team leverage the results further. Because of this follow-up I felt that the circle was completed and that we were able to squeeze as much out of the workshop as was possible.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Prosperity Productions and in particular, Lori Hamilton, has helped my firm to delve into business areas and industries as never before. Lori’s wide industry expertise and solid professional experience coupled with her willingness to share advice and personal experiences has made it very easy for my firm to provide more solid strategies to my clients and therefore, my clients to become more satisfied with the creative work the agency provides. Who wants more than that?”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Lori Hamilton is an extremely quick study, knows a little (to a lot) about most every category or industry, has a great “can do” attitude and works incredibly efficiently. She is bright, articulate, and competent to handle behind the scenes work as well as leading / participating in client meetings. If I can’t be at a meeting, I would never hesitate to send Lori in my place.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Prosperity Productions is very customer focused. They truly create circumstances for success. They are particularly good at organizing chaos. Prosperity Productions was instrumental in focusing our message and establishing our brand. Our business has now been able to grow in many areas.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Prosperity brings energy and enthusiasm coupled with knowledge and skill to a project. The result is outcomes that are creative yet well grounded.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.

“Lori Hamilton helped us gather facts and information and turn it in to actionable, implementable strategies. She brought focus to our project and is skilled in her ability to keep meetings and discussions on task. She is also able to identify real world obstacles to implementation and develop strategies to overcome them.”
—Anonymous feedback from survey by ProSavvy.com.